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We have done our best to make Sage Wellness San Diego into an inviting and peaceful place.  We space our appointments and encourage a calm atmosphere to support you in every step of the journey.   Our waiting room is the perfect space to transition from the stresses of the outside world you came in from, so that you can prepare your body and mind for the treatment you are about to receive in one of our rooms.

Once you are relaxed and comfortable, we will take you into your private sanctuary to further support the perfect treatment that your body has been waiting for. 
When you are through, we encourage you to take a moment in our waiting room as you prepare yourself to head back into your world, where we hope you will feel more rejuvenated than you came in.

Treatment Room #1

Treatment Room #2

Treatment Room #1

Treatment Room #2

Reception Area

We hope you will enjoy the space we have created just for you.

Our goal is to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable, and that your treatment will have a maximum benefit to support your healing & recovery.

Thank you for choosing Sage Wellness of San Diego as your wholistic partner

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