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We are so grateful for the many patients that have trusted us with supporting their wellness goals.  Take a moment to read what some of them had to say.  We hope that after you come in for a treatmente, we can add you to this list of grateful clients

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I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I met you and you were the one to introduce me to the acupuncture part of natural health care. You’re the best of the best and any future health care providers that come into my life have some BIG shoes to fill.”

- M. David

“I get treatments everywhere I travel – Beverly Hills, Kona, Ireland, Monte Carlo, Pasadena, & Mexico. Despite how fancy the spa or what exotic oils are used, I find myself saying, ‘that was nice, but Elaine is better.’ Her massages have become the benchmark against which I compare all other treatments.”

- Dr. Adria O’Donnell

“My neck was in extreme pain. Medication and chiropractors weren’t working. I woke up after my first treatment with Elaine and I swear my neck pain was gone. What Flexiral and tons of Advil couldn’t do, acupuncture had done. If you’re in pain and want to try something different than the standard this is a great place to start.”

- Paul Stevens

“I’ve been going to Elaine for over four years. Her massages have greatly helped me manage my chronic arthritic pain. I highly recommend her.”

- Tom Evan

“Elaine, you have made a huge improvement in the quality of our lives, and our families’ lives. Thank you so very much!”

-Vaudois and Angelica

“I went to Sage for a massage special and was pleasantly surprised to find the place so relaxing. I had a great massage and an acupressure facial which I’ve never had–awesome!”

- Holly Mayer

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